Who is Allie?

ȯ Happily married to my soul mate. Three months and still going strong. He is my everything. My best friend, my husband. You can walk away now.
ȯ We have 3 amazing children with one on the way. I would do anything for any one of them. Hurt them and you better run.
╚» We have a HUGE family, I love each and everyone one of them and wouldn’t trade them for the world.
╚» I’m short, much shorter than most people, I use my RL height in SL.
╚» I’m a sweetheart, always there for anyone who needs me, but mess with someone I love or me, the bitch comes out.
╚» I’m random, I have ADD in RL, my mind tends to run a million miles a minute, deal with it or GTFO.
ȯ Hells Vixen and damn proud of it, these are my sisters I love them, and would do anything for any one of them.
╚» Manager/Hostess at [The Asylum] the best club on the grid, I love my club family, we’re insane.
ȯ If you feel like you need to judge my life, look at yours first, and think before you come at me.

So, those are the basics right?

– I’m here to have fun, I am certainly not here for any sort of drama or anything like that.
– Basically this blog will show you my favorite things to wear, my favorite things to do, and favorite places to go.
– I have a random style of clothing. Some days I’m girly girl, other days I’m into the not girly girl scene, and others I just randomly find clothes I have in my inventory.
– I love to look at other fashion blogs and add my own twist to what I find there.
– I used to blog in the past and hopefully soon I will be adding some stores I blog for, but if not this is just fun for me. 🙂
– Oh, I also have a 16 year old alt named Ebby. Sometimes, she has epic clothes that I just HAVE to post, so I’ll be adding her from time to time.

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