Hippie Love

Well, hello there beautiful people! This week is … *drum roll* … Hippie Week at Forgotten Closet. And let me tell you, this stuff is freaking awesome. I love the 60’s to start with so this was like *screams* exciting for me. There are so many different things available for the next two week. Clothes, accessories, poses. My goodness! And of course per usual things are on sale, so you can get more than one things, practically two things for the price of one original item! I love all the colors that are associated with the 60’s and the music is some of my favorite ever! Ok, yeah I was born in the 80’s but still that doesn’t stop my excitement.

Per usual, I’m going to post a few outfits instead of doing a lot of different posts. The things I plan on wearing for all of the pictures are listed here and what I’m wearing for a specific picture is listed below. I hope you enjoy and go and check out Forgotten Closet this week!
Skin: Filthy – No loner available – Store Closed 😦
Shape: :: alterego :: Gracie
Eyes: .:FI:. Dreamy Eyes (Comes in Blue, Clear, Dark Red, Dark Yellow, Green, and Pink) – Wearing Green
Hair: ::Exile:: Beyond the Waves Naturals Pack – Wearing Chardonnay (Comes with rigged mesh hair, alpha layer, and flowers)
Makeup: Eyelure Flirt – 4 Face Makeups – Wearing #4
Necklace: *Milady’s* -A- Platinum/Gold Necklace
Nails: ::TGIS:: Nails 3.0 Glitter Collection (Comes in sizes 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25)
Ring: Earthstones Devotion Bridal Set in White Gold
Shoes: KIKI Designs COQUETA White Heels (Comes with Beige, Pink, Red, and Black Soles) – Wearing Red Soles

Ok, so this first outfit is just so freaking adorable I can barely contain my excitement. I love the halter top and the skirt, which is long and flowing, the little bit of skin that is peeking out is awesome too! Oh! And it’s mesh, so it comes in standard sizing and fits your body perfect. The red, yellow, green, and blue look wonderful together as well.
Outfit: .:BTS:. Hippie Love – Comes with halter top and skirt (Rigged mesh comes in standard sizing)

The second outfit is just wonderful to be completely honest. Now the skirt is once again mesh and looks like the last one, but the top is a tad bit different and looks awesome! It shows a bit of skin again but not too much. It comes in Daisy, Purple Haze, Star Lilly and all the colors look great! The one I’m wearing now is purple. But, be sure to check them all out!
Outfit: .::PS::. Foxy Lady – Comes with top (and sleeves) and skirt (Rigged mesh comes in standard sizing)

The third outfit is very colorful even if there is black in it. I love the rainbow effect it has. Of course it does look similar to the last two, but it has it’s own look and again will show off some skin. But, not too much, and that seems to be the style. Oh, oh, oh, I have to say the bottom with the multi colors is like my favorite thing on this one! Once again this outfit is mesh, but comes in standard sizing. I just love how it looks and when I move it’s awesome.
Outfit: ::.BD.:: Which one is Pink? (Includes top and skirt – rigged mesh comes in standard sizing)

The fourth outfit is *drum roll* …. NOT a skirt and halter! Oh my gosh! It’s jeans and a crop top (which yeah the top is similar to the last few but still)! It’s mesh also, rigged, so it comes in the standard sizing. I love the white top, it’s one of my favorite looks from this period. And the jeans of course are the bell bottoms with flowers on the bottom. Some skin is showing in this one as well, seems that if you don’t like to show skin the 60’s was not your time *laughs.*
Outfit: [FF] Flower Power (Comes with jeans and a top – rigged mesh comes in standard sizing)

The fifth outfit … is well … another skirt and halter top. But, this time only the skirt is mesh! \o/ *Laughs.* We’re getting somewhere. Now, this one is really pretty, it’s a purple sort of color and the top has a pretty design on it. The skirt is a little bit different on the bottom so it kind of makes it different from the rest of the outfits.
Outfit: [FF] Tie Dye & Beads Outfit (Comes with top – not mesh and skirt – rigged mesh comes in standard sizing)

That’s all for now folks! Hope you enjoy!

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