Hello everyone! For anyone interested on me and the status of my blog, please take a moment to read this. But, ya know, if you aren’t interested, that’s cool too.

My lives, both of them – real life and second life – have been very busy. Well, more likely real life is busy and I come on second life to relax with my family/friends, etc. This doesn’t mean that I don’t want to blog. It just means that I wish to blog properly. That means I like to take pictures and edit them before I post them. I like to write a paragraph about what I’m wearing and where to get it from. I like to put links in so it’s easier shopping for the people following my blog. I want to do the blog right, not half assed.

Blogging is like a job. But, instead of money, you get items as payment. If I don’t blog, then it’s not fair to have the clothes (in this case), or at least that’s how I feel. I want the creators to like what I have posted and I like to provide good advertisement for them and their stores. And this is why sometimes instead of doing a half assed post, I will wait a week or two. It’s nothing personal, just how I wish my blog to be.

Now, I’ve been here before, saying pretty much the same thing, or something close to this. But, my goal is to blog once a week for the stores I am an official blogger for. I may also do random posts of my outfits I put together, that’s what I created this blog for in the first place actually. I know that people enjoy my blogs and creators look for them to keep me on their blog roll. I have fallen behind, and while I can offer excuses, I will not.

Here’s to more blogging!

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