Saturday Morning Cartoons :D

πŸ˜€ this weeks forgotten closet round (which started Sunday, November, 25th and runs until Sunday, December, 9th) is Saturday Morning cartoons. Now, I’m a HUGE fan of PJS in both real life and second life, so I’m super excited about all the cute stuff I got for this round. My family and I like to watch youtube videos and movies together, and yes we wear PJs to do so, so yay! I have a lot of things to wear now. I’m going to do a few items from this round like I have before. I’ll put down the basics of what I’m wearing, and the rest is from Forgotten Closet. Please do stop by and check out all this stuff before the round ends. And don’t forget everything at Forgotten Closet is at a special price!
What I’m wearing for all posts (unless otherwise noted):
Skin: Unique Barbie Doll M10 (Sexy Breasts)
Shape: :: alterego :: Gracie
Eyes: Unique Barbie Doll Eyes (Comes with the skin)
Hair: Burley Lola – Blacks Pack – Wearing Black01
Nails: [Mandala] Nail Palette 1 – Medium
Ring: Earthstones Devotion Bridal Set in White Gold
Necklace: PixelFashion :)(: My Heart Necklace Gold&Silver
Earrings: -paper.doll- Light as a Feather – Angelic

BeFunky_Saturday Morning Cartoons
This first outfit is so freaking adorable! And it’s mesh! I love the Teddy Bear that you get to cuddle when you wear these pjs. And, and, and it’s winter themed with snow flakes. Oh I am so going to be wearing this for more than just blogging!
Pajamas: [FF] Snowey Pajamas (Includes Mesh top and pants in standard sizing; alpha layer for pants, shirt, or shirt and pants combined; teddy bear)
Pillow Pose: Nani Relaxin’ (Pillow Pose)

BeFunky_Saturday Morning Cartoons 2
The second outfit is … oh … my … god … CUTENESS! My little pony! How can you go wrong there? It’s a skirt and a super cute shirt and I swear I’m obsessed with it already!
Pajamas: **S&C** My Little Pony (Includes Top, Skirt, and Skirt Prim)
Pillow Pose: Nani Relaxin’ (Pillow Pose)

BeFunky_Saturday Morning Cartoons 3
Ohhhhhh this top and arm warmers are so freaking adorable! They are bright and colorful, trust me, put these on and you will not be missed. And of course being mesh they come in standard sizing to fit your body perfectly.
Top: [dirty.little.secret] Cartoons top and arm warmers (Mesh – comes in standard sizing; can wear alone or paired together)
Jean shorts: No longer sold 😦 But! I HAD to wear them!

BeFunky_Saturday Morning Cartoons 4
Oh … my … god! Care Bears night shirts! Ohhhhhh yay! I love carebears, I remember them from childhood and I’m so exited about all of these! I hope you love them as well! It does come in standard sizing as it is mesh. πŸ˜€
Nightshirts: [trs] Care Bears pack
Leggings: Apple May Cherry Bomb (Includes skirt, top, and leggings) Wearing leggings

Saturday Morning Cartoons 5
D’awww. This next one is so cute! It’s baby Bugs Bunny! When I was a kid Looney Toons (and baby looney toons)was all the rage. Heck it still is. I love how the top has it’s own sort of jacket and you can wear it with pretty much any type of pants (a skirt too if you wanted). And you don’t HAVE to wear it as pajamas really. It’s mesh and comes in standard sizing!
:Top: .::[F]uchOn:: Baby Bugs Bunny Tee (Comes in standard mesh sizing)
Leggings: Apple May Cherry Bomb (Includes skirt, top, and leggings) Wearing leggings

I am such a dork *facepalms.* When I thought of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons, this is the first one that popped into my head. LOL! I was obsessed as a kid!

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