Call of Duty *Salutes!*

Hola everyone! I have so missed you. Things are still a bit wonky in both my lives but I promise I am here and posting as much as both of my lives will allow. But, anyway, enough of that. This week at Forgotten Closet it’s Call of Duty! From November 12 – 26th you can get your military on. Plus all of it is at a great price! What more could you ask for? Oh yeah, I know! Even MORE designers are signing up to participate. Which means even more items for you to spend money on, I mean er shop for! There are so many cute things for this round I felt like I needed to do what I did last time. Which is do a bunch of pictures at once and give you a little description of each. Again I won’t be changing my hair (unless I HAVE to), my jewelry (unless I HAVE to), my skin (not at all), my shape (not at all), my piercing or my eyes (not at all). I have this super cute new hair from Truth I’ve been dying to blog so I will be wearing that since it’s short and you will be able to see all of my top. 😀 I hope you enjoy this round of Forgotten Closet as much as I have. *Blows kisses* I’ll be back soon I promise. ♥

What I’m wearing for MOST (hopefully all) pictures:
Skin: [Al Vulo!] Livia * pink (Comes with eyeliners, hair bases, 2 different pinks, and eyes!)
Shape: Allison – Custom Made – NOT for sale
Eyes: {alterego} Eye Collection – Gradient I – White – Teal (Includes Black and White in the following colors: blue, gazzy, lavender, moss, orange, pink purple, red, starlight, steel, sunrise, and teal)
Eyeliner: [Al Vulo! ] Livia * pink – Eyeliner Black (Comes with eyeliners, hair bases, 2 different pinks, and eyes!)
Hair: >TRUTH< Winona – Blondes Pack – Strawberry
Nails: {alterego} Glam Nails
Ring: Earthstones Devotion Bridal Set in White Gold
Necklace: PixelFashion :)(: My Heart Necklace Gold&Silver
Earrings: FINESMITH Simple Hoop Earrings (Color change)
Piercing: dl:: Regret Mouth Piercing – 7 colors: Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, and Yellow – Wearing Black

Call of Duty
This is a super cute outfit that I fell in love with when I opened up the box. It’s got that cute army look to it and looks great with my hair. I also love the poses 😀 I’m gonna use them for all my posts.
Poses: nani Solider Pose Set (6 poses and pose stand included)
Outfit: .:BTS:. This is War (Includes mesh pants in standard sizing, top, and war paint)

Call of Duty 2
This next dress is so, super cute and comes in brown, green, and pink. It’s a great mesh dress that really makes your butt pop out 😛 I love it so much! And it says Army Brat: Winning!
Poses: nani Solider Pose Set (6 poses and pose stand included)
Dress: **S&C** Army Brat Dress (Comes in standard mesh sizing, colors: brown, green, and pink) – wearing pink

Call of Duty 3
Oh my word more pink! Can you believe I have more on? *Grins* This is soooo cute! I love the loose tank (in pink of course) and the white jogging pants with pink trim. It’s mesh so it fits your body wonderful and comes in standard sizing. *Laughs* And the butt on the sweats says “Army Brat” – Winning AGAIN!
Poses: nani Solider Pose Set (6 poses and pose stand included)
Outfit: [FF] Army Brat (Comes with jogging pants in standard mesh sizing, pink mesh top in standard sizing, and dog tags for the men)

Call of Duty 5
This next one has to be one of my absolute favorite items from this round. It’s from Envious, which is already one of my number one stores. But, the dress is so super cute, the boots are perfect, and I love the guns on my legs. Oh and the camo is totally grey which looks better on me! Oh and oops looks like I destroyed the city behind me :P.
Poses: nani Solider Pose Set (6 poses and pose stand included)
Outfit: :.Envious.: The Call of Duty (Includes Dress, Boots, Bandanna, Holster, Stocking, and Fishnets)

That’s all for now y’all! 🙂 I may add some more later but for now I’m good! 😀

😀 and this song *grins* you’ll get it I hope!

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