Stay, Stay, Stay

Its So Fluffy
^— It’s so Fluffy tattoo
Suck My Weenus
^— Suck my Weenus Tattoo
This End Upside Down
^— This End Upside Down tattoo
This End Up
^— This End Up tatoo

Alright here we go with some epic newness from one of my favorite stores in second life. Kys this has been coming out with tons of new tattoos, left and right to be quite honest. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up. But, I love them all so I need to blog them. I feel like they are some of the best, if not THE best tattoos in second life. I love how you can wear them on your stomach, back, or neck depending on what you get. These tattoos I have on look better with a crop top and low rise jeans. But, you could also wear something that will tease people and make them guess what the tat says, such as a shirt a little bit longer than this. The other great thing about these tats is you can wear them any time, even if you aren’t showing them off they are there when you are ready to show them off. Oh, and one more thing I love is that they come in multiple layers, meaning if you can’t wear say the tattoo layer because you have too many of that layer on you can wear the pants layer. Plus the owner of this store is super duper nice, and a little crazy (but aren’t we all)? I really hope you’ll go check out her store soon! The jeans and top are from alterego, from different outfits but still super cute, the boots – which are my favorite – are from alterego as well, the bandaid pasties are available on marketplace, and the hair is one of the newer ones from Magika. Oh, oh, oh and the eyes my twinny Shawn turned me onto are freaking epic with a HUD and look so realistic! Check them out! I promise you won’t be disappointed! I have recently decided to go Neko so I have a tail, ears, and whiskers on and they will be in a lot of my pictures. On a side note I know that I haven’t blogged a lot lately, and for that I am sorry to not only the people I blog for but to you dear reader, my life sometimes takes so many twists and turns, but I will ALWAYS be back.

Skin: [Al Vulo! ] Livia * pink (Comes with eyeliners, hair bases, 2 different pinks, and eyes!)
Shape: Allison – Custom Made – NOT for sale
Eyes: FATEeyes FATEeyes – Ultimate Customization (Comes with thousands of options on the HUD)
Eyeliner: [Al Vulo! ] Livia * pink – Eyeliner Black (Comes with eyeliners, hair bases, 2 different pinks, and eyes!)
Hair: .ploom. Penny – Indecisive – Blond today 😀 (New!)
Tattoos: .:{KyS}:. It’s so Fluffy tattoo (comes in Tattoo layer and pants layer – regular, faded, no arrow, low – no arrow, low – faded, and low); Suck my Weenus (comes in Tattoo layer and pants layer – 70%, 80%, 90% – arrow and no arrow options); This End Upside Down and This End UP (comes in Tattoo layer and pants layer – regular, faded, no arrow, low – no arrow, low – faded, and low)
Ring: Earthstones Devotion Bridal Set in White Gold
Necklace: PixelFashion :)(: My Heart Necklace Gold&Silver
Earrings: FINESMITH Simple Hoop Earrings (Color change)
Top: {alterego} Girl @ the Rockshow – Outfit (Includes: Belt, Bikini Top, Half Top, Hair Bow, Skirt – Mesh in standard sizing, Collar,
Pasties: – No longer sold
Jeans: :: alterego :: Low Rise Jeans – Black
Boots: :: alterego :: Talk that Talk – Outfit (Includes Mesh Shirt, Mesh Leggings, Panties, Pasties, and Color Change Fur Boots)
Tail: UD Neko Furry Tail – Dagger (Comes in short and full with HUD)
Ears: UD Neko Ears Colored Rings (Comes with left and right ear with HUD)
Whiskers: UD Whisker set – touch for color change

^— Another new favorite from Taylor Swift, and now I have the deluxe album so yeah I’m freaking excited! *Dances around and falls over.* OW! LOL!

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