Boho Chic Winter

Boho Chic

😀 so Kat came out with some more newness from Badazzle Designs and I’m so excited to blog them! This outfit is so freaking cute and not only that but it’s perfect for winter (or fall really). It comes with the cute mesh dress (in standard sizing), leggings, and the flat boots (which are adorable by themselves too I must add)! I am loving the look. I feel like I am so ready for winter and I can go out and be all sorts of warm. Kat has been working like a crazy person to come out with new outfits not only for her store but for all the events she takes place in too. I totally recommend checking out her in-world store or going on marketplace to see what she has out. I paired this with my favorite hair (still favorite after a couple of weeks – that’s a record) and of course all the regular items I have on – nails, ring, necklaces. This is the sort of comfy dress you would wear out, not necessarily a dressy one, but still perfect nonetheless. Enjoy!

Skin: [Al Vulo! ] Livia * pink (Comes with eyeliners, hair bases, 2 different pinks, and eyes!)
Shape: Allison – Custom Made – NOT for sale
Eyes: {alterego} Eye Collection – Gradient I – White – Blue (Includes Black and White in the following colors: blue, gazzy, lavender, moss, orange, pink purple, red, starlight, steel, sunrise, and teal)
Eyeliner: [Al Vulo! ] Livia * pink – Eyeliner Black (Comes with eyeliners, hair bases, 2 different pinks, and eyes!)
Hair: .ploom. Penny – Indecisive – Black today 😀 (New!)
Ring: Earthstones Devotion Bridal Set in White Gold
Necklace: PixelFashion :)(: My Heart Necklace Gold&Silver
Earrings: FINESMITH Simple Hoop Earrings (Color change)
Outfit: ::.BD.:: Boho Winter (Includes: Dress in standard mesh sizing, leggings, and flat boots)

^— I just got her album and I’m obsessed, so you’re going to be seeing a lot of her songs on my blog posts. So, if country isn’t your thing um look away! Look away NOW! Btw I agree with this song, boys can be trouble, a lot of it, a lot of the time, but not ALL of them. 😛

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