I realize it’s been a week since I posted anything. I do apologize for that, especially to the people who follow my blogs, and to the creators I blog for. I could come up with a lot of excuses but, I’ll keep it very simple, no need to get super down or anything. 😛 My real life has been hectic, to say the least over the last week, which means my second life time has been used for free time, time to spend with family and friends, and the like. Blogging wasn’t really so much an option if I wanted to keep my sanity for real life. I know at the beginning of this blog I had the unrealistic hope to post once a day. I realize now, that yes, that’s not a realistic, nor is it a fair, goal. My new goal is to post once a week. Not really on a certain day or for a certain store or anything like that. Just once a week, a quick and fun post. Thank you to the designers who have allowed me to blog for them and for my followers for checking out my blog, I do hope you keep coming back.
Allie x

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