Fashion Voodoo!

What is fashion voodoo?
This is a fashion fair with over 100 designers participating. A variety of things will be offered at this event, from a variety of stores. This event gives you as the shopper the opportunity to see what kind of fashion is out there in sl for you. The best part is the fact that all of these designers will be in one spot! Each of these stores will also be bringing an exclusive item to the table @ 50% off for the event.

Who is participating?
The following stores are sponsoring the event:
Gawk, DeeTalez, SAKIDE, Insanya, bubble, AMERICAN BAZAAR, RAW House, ISPACHI, AlterEgo, Deer, Razorblade Jacket, Belleza & KMADD.
Check out:
To see all the stores that are participating.

When is fashion voodoo?
Fashion voodoo will run for 3 weeks from August 10th to August 30th. That gives you plenty of time to get in and look at all the stores and what they offer.

I should note one thing: This is NOT a charity event, as stated on the depraved nation website, all the proceeds from this event go to the designers who have created the items.

I have attached a couple of the fliers, one for the women and one for the men. Essentially they are teasers. I will be posting more when I get items from the designers, and of course when I stop by for the bloggers preview.

1 Fashion Voodoo Flier 1 Female Model Pink
2 Fashion Voodoo Flier 4 Male Blue

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