Don’t Cha

Dont cha

I did it … Mhm yep I did … Not only did I take Ebby shopping today, I took Allie shopping … Twice! Yeah, yeah yeah, I can hear you guys shaking your heads at me. But, really! I had no clue where to find the new stuff at AE, but Ebby found it, so I had to go back! And of course with the new outfit I needed new shoes, wedges were the perfect choice. Then of course I remembered ploom is having a huge hair and skin blowout sale … so I had to go get new hair. But! I took the hubby with me, he’s a man, so not much help 😛 but he was there to give um final approval or something like that. Anyway … Loool enjoy!

Outfit: :: alterego ::Impatient – Red
Nails: DirtyLanddl:: Extreme Long Nails
Ring : EarthstonesDevotion Bridal Set White Gold
Earrings : Finesmith Hoop Earrings
Eyes : BTB Shamrock Shake Eyes
Shape : :: alterego :: Gracie
Skin: [ Al Vulo! ]: [ Leilani ] – [ Pink Bronze ]
Tattoo: :: alterego ::Trendsetter Makeup #11 – Whore Me Red
Hair: .ploom. – 1990 – Black Out – Blacks
Shoes: HOC IndustriesYay Wedges, Sculpted peep toe wedge shoes

^— I’ve been listening to them because I feel the need to dance, and well this song kinda fits perfect with this outfit!

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